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Permits & Forms

The Village of Fisher requires permits to be obtained for certain business activities and property uses in the community.  Although there is no general business license requirement, certain types of business activities will require a license in order to ensure compliance with Village ordinances and other laws.  These activities include the retail sale of alcohol, video gaming, and door-to-door solicitation.  Please contact Village Hall at (217) 897-1180 to verify whether any licenses may be required for your business.

The Village requires building permits for all new home and commercial construction.  This includes additions, garages, sheds, decks, fences, and other permanent accessory structures.  Building permits are necessary to ensure that all construction meets the requirements of the Village Zoning Ordinance and flood plain regulations.  The current fee schedule for building permits is listed below:

New home construction permit - $200
Home additions, sheds, garages permit - $50
Fence and Deck - $25
New commercial construction - $250
Commercial addition permit - $75

Please contact Building Inspector Jeremy Reale at (217) 897-1180 to discuss any future construction plans and permit requirements.


Building Permit Application

Application form for building permits for all new home and commercial construction. Includes additions, garages, sheds, decks, fences and other accessory structures.


Solicitor Permit Application

Application form for door-to-door solicitation. All solicitors are required by local ordinance to register with the Village of Fisher prior to soliciting.


Domestic Hen Permit Application

Application form for permit to house domestic hens. Premises are subject to inspection by Village of Fisher personnel prior to issuance of a permit.


Village Employment Application

Official application form for employment with the Village of Fisher.