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Village Tentatively Planning for July 3 Celebration

Village Tentatively Planning for July 3 Celebration

April 16th, 2020 @ 7:30am

The ongoing public health crisis of COVID-19 has required the Village of Fisher - like communities and organizations throughout the nation - to reevaluate the safety and feasibility of public events that would otherwise take place over the next several months.  Decisions on event planning and cancellations must often be made well in advance and are especially complicated this year in light of the uncertainty of the future course of the pandemic and government efforts to mitigate its impact on our communities and health care system.

After careful consideration, the Fisher Village Board has made the initial decision to move forward with planning for the annual Independence Day celebration on July 3 in Lammle Park by entering into an agreement with Jamaica Pyrotechnics to perform a fireworks display.  Given the uncertain and changing nature of the public health situation, Village leaders understand that it is very possible that circumstances may ultimately prevent us from being able to responsibly hold a public gathering on that date.  In that case, Village staff will work with the contractor to reschedule the display for a date later in the season when conditions may have improved.  By entering into the agreement and placing a deposit with Jamaica, the Village will retain the ability to hold a fireworks display anytime before the end of the 2020 year - but we will do so only if and when the public health community tells us it is safe and following any guidelines that may be in place for public gatherings.  If we are unable to find a safe and appropriate time to hold fireworks this year, the contractor has agreed to apply as much of the deposit amount as possible toward the fireworks show at the Village's 2021 Independence Day celebration.

Village leaders acknowledge the positive benefit of being able to offer our residents opportunities to gather and celebrate as a community during these trying times.  Nevertheless, citizens should understand that the foremost priority of the elected officials and employees of the Village is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of Fisher - who are not simply our constituents, but also our neighbors, friends, and family.  Village officials will continue to rely upon the guidance and expertise of the professional public health community in determining the most appropriate strategies for protecting our residents.   Any final decisions about the scheduling of upcoming events will be communicated to the public through the Village's website, the local news media, and social media.



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