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Village Renews Contract for Electric Aggregation

Village Renews Contract for Electric Aggregation

January 21st, 2020 @ 10:35am

In 2018, the Village of Fisher entered into a one-year agreement with Constellation Energy as the retail electric supplier for residential and small business customers in the Village.  With that agreement set to expire in February 2020, the Village, through its energy broker, has solicited proposals from alternative electric suppliers to determine whether more favorable rates could be secured for residents.  Following this process, the Village Board approved a one-year renewal of the agreement with Constellation for the term of February 2020 to February 2021.  The guaranteed rate for the new term is $0.04423 per kWh.  This compares to the current Ameren rate structure of $0.04715 per kWh for the first 800 kWh and $0.04476 per kWh above 800 kWh.  This is also a reduction from the rate in the expiring Constellation agreement of $0.04943 per kWh.

Customers will be receiving letters from Constellation informing them of the new program and their ability to opt out.  If you want to participate in the new program with the guaranteed rate, no action is required on your part and you will be automatically enrolled.  If, however, you would prefer to opt out, you will need to complete the opt-out form at the bottom of the letter and return to Constellation no later than February 6, 2020.  You may also opt out by calling Constellation at (833) 788-0828 or submitting an online request at  There are no enrollment, switching or early termination fees.

Municipal aggregation is a program that allows communities to negotiate the purchase price of electricity on behalf of residents and small business utility customers within their boundaries.  Although a supplier other than the normal utility company (Ameren) may be selected, Ameren continues to be responsible for delivering electric services to all customers and billing.  Therefore, customers who participate in the aggregation program will still receive one monthly bill from Ameren, and automatic payments or budget billing arrangements will not be affected. 

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