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Register Now for Free Champaign County Electronics Recycling

Register Now for Free Champaign County Electronics Recycling

September 4th, 2018 @ 8:50am

Champaign County's next free electronics recycling collection will take place October 13, from 8:00am to 12:00pm at Parkland College.  The Village of Fisher is a participating agency; therefore, all residents are eligible to bring accepted items to the collection by registering online.  The online registration opened at 8:00am on Monday, September 10 and can be accessed here.  You MUST register online in order to participate.

Please make sure you register completely; you will receive a confirmation email and/or text message after your registration is complete.  You will then receive a postcard in the mail five to seven days before the event.  This postcard will serve as your ticket into the event.  If you have registered and have not received your postcard by October 10, please call (217) 819-4035.

At the collection event, there is a 2 TV limit per person/postcard (ALL types, models and sizes of TV's will be accepted).  There is a 10-item total limit per postcard.  Click here to view the list of Accepted and Non-Accepted items.  Residents can only register once, but multiple residents from a single household can register.

The free electronics recycling event will take place at Parkland College, 2400 W. Bradley Avenue, Champaign.  Participants are asked to use the Duncan Road entrance and then follow the signs.  Car pooling is allowed and encouraged; they will accept multiple postcards per vehicle.  Assistance will be provided for removing recyclable items from your vehicle.  Please do not have anything surrounding your electronics that you do not want taken. 

Any questions about the event can be directed to Deborah Peterik at the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission by phone (217) 819-4035 or email to


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