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Village Statement on Peoples Gas Leak

November 3rd, 2017 @ 4:25pm

The Village of Fisher was notified of the natural gas leak in rural Champaign County and the concerns expressed for its potential impact on the Mahomet Aquifer.  In response, on October 17, 2017, the Village contacted Peoples Gas to discuss these concerns and request their cooperation in the testing of our Village-operated water wells for potential contaminants.  In partnership with Peoples Gas, the Village conducted dissolved gas analyses and tested water samples to determine presence of natural gas.  A total of three samples were tested, including pre-treatment samples from each of the two municipal wells and an additional sample of water taken after going through our treatment process, including aeration.

The samples were tested by Isotech Laboratories, Inc., of  Champaign, which is an ISO-9001 certified laboratory.  As an additional precautionary measure, the Village opted to have a second set of three water samples tested by another independent NELAP-accredited laboratory, Teklab, Inc., of Collinsville.  Copies of the Isotech results and summary analysis may be downloaded here.  The Teklab testing results may be downloaded here.

In summary, both sets of tests indicated there was insufficient methane concentration in all samples for isotopic analysis of the microbial glacial gases, also commonly referred to as drift gas.  There was no evidence of any thermogenic gas (natural gas) and no presence of ethane, propane or butane, which are common indicators of natural gas.

The Village of Fisher has confidence in our water treatment process and we are committed to ensuring that our residents are provided with safe drinking water.  While we continue to monitor the situation and the ongoing investigation by the Illinois Attorney General, Village customers can be assured that there is no evidence that our drinking water supply was impacted by the natural gas leak at Peoples Gas.

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